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If you are experiencing foot or ankle issues and are in need of customized orthotics, look no further than LMD Podiatry in Wellington. Under the expert guidance of board-certified Dr. Lauren Dabakaroff, our clinic offers advanced foot and ankle care. With extensive training from Mount Sinai, Dr. Dabakaroff provides both surgical and non-surgical solutions for a wide range of conditions. Whether you require pediatric or diabetic foot care, or are dealing with ailments such as Achilles Tendonitis or bunions, we are equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostics and can even offer same-day appointments. At LMD Podiatry, we prioritize your foot health and aim to provide a friendly and welcoming environment for all our patients. Contact us today at 954-680-7133 to schedule a consultation regarding custom orthotics. Click here for more information about Wellington Florida

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What are Custom Orthotics?

Definition of custom orthotics

Custom orthotics are specially designed shoe inserts that are created to fit the unique shape and structure of an individual’s feet. Unlike over-the-counter orthotics, which are mass-produced and provide a generic level of support, custom orthotics are customized to the specific needs and biomechanics of each individual.

Types of custom orthotics

There are several types of custom orthotics that can be prescribed to address different foot conditions and biomechanical issues. These include:

  1. Rigid orthotics: These orthotics are made from rigid materials such as carbon fiber or plastic and are used to control motion and provide stability.

  2. Soft orthotics: Made from soft materials like foam or rubber, soft orthotics provide cushioning and support for individuals with sensitive feet or painful conditions such as plantar fasciitis.

  3. Semi-rigid orthotics: These orthotics are a combination of rigid and soft materials and are often recommended for individuals with moderate foot disfunction or athletic activities.

When are Custom Orthotics Recommended?

Importance of custom orthotics

Custom orthotics are recommended when there is a need for additional support, stability, or correction of foot biomechanics. They can help to alleviate pain, improve function, and prevent further foot problems caused by abnormal foot structure or gait abnormalities.

Conditions that may benefit from custom orthotics

Custom orthotics may be recommended for individuals with the following conditions:

  1. Plantar fasciitis: Custom orthotics can help to provide support and reduce stress on the plantar fascia, alleviating pain and promoting healing.

  2. Flat feet: Orthotics with arch support can help to provide stability and proper alignment for individuals with flat feet, reducing discomfort and preventing issues such as overpronation.

  3. High arches: Orthotics can help to distribute weight evenly across the feet and provide cushioning for individuals with high arches, reducing pressure and preventing injuries.

  4. Bunions: Custom orthotics can help to offload pressure from the bunion, reducing pain and slowing down the progression of the deformity.

  5. Diabetic foot conditions: Custom orthotics can help to provide protection and redistribute pressure for individuals with diabetes, reducing the risk of foot ulcers and infections.

Custom Orthotics in Wellington

Benefits of Custom Orthotics

Improved foot and ankle alignment

One of the key benefits of custom orthotics is improved foot and ankle alignment. By providing support and correction to the feet, orthotics can help to align the bones and joints properly, reducing excessive strain on certain areas and promoting proper biomechanics.

Relief from foot pain and discomfort

Custom orthotics are often prescribed to alleviate foot pain and discomfort. They can provide cushioning and support to areas of the foot that are experiencing excessive pressure or stress, reducing pain and improving comfort.

Enhanced sports performance

For athletes, custom orthotics can play a crucial role in enhancing sports performance. By providing optimal foot support and alignment, orthotics can improve balance, stability, and efficiency of movement, helping athletes achieve their best performance while reducing the risk of injuries.

Prevention of future foot problems

Custom orthotics not only provide immediate relief and support, but they can also help to prevent future foot problems. By correcting abnormal foot mechanics or providing extra support, orthotics can help to prevent the development or progression of conditions such as bunions, plantar fasciitis, and shin splints.

Choosing Custom Orthotics in Wellington

Why choose LMD Podiatry

When it comes to choosing custom orthotics in Wellington, LMD Podiatry is the premier choice. Led by board-certified Dr. Lauren Dabakaroff, LMD Podiatry offers advanced foot and ankle care with a focus on providing individualized treatment plans for each patient. With a commitment to excellence and patient satisfaction, LMD Podiatry has earned a reputation for delivering exceptional results.

Expertise and experience of Dr. Lauren Dabakaroff

Dr. Lauren Dabakaroff, the founder of LMD Podiatry, brings extensive expertise and experience to the field of podiatry. With Mount Sinai training and years of practice, Dr. Dabakaroff is highly skilled in diagnosing and treating a wide range of foot and ankle conditions. Her knowledge and attention to detail ensure that patients receive the highest level of care and the most effective treatment options.

State-of-the-art diagnostic tools and technology

At LMD Podiatry, patients benefit from the use of state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and technology to accurately assess their foot condition and biomechanics. This includes advanced imaging techniques, gait analysis systems, and computerized foot scanning, allowing for precise measurements and custom orthotic design.

Same-day appointments for convenience

LMD Podiatry understands that foot pain and discomfort can significantly impact an individual’s daily life. That’s why they offer same-day appointments for their patients, ensuring prompt and convenient access to quality foot care. This commitment to accessible care demonstrates their dedication to prioritizing the well-being and foot health of their patients.

Evaluation and Prescription Process

Initial consultation and assessment

The evaluation and prescription process for custom orthotics at LMD Podiatry begins with an initial consultation and assessment. During this consultation, the podiatrist will take a thorough medical history, discuss symptoms and concerns, and perform a physical examination of the feet and ankles. This evaluation allows the podiatrist to understand the unique needs and requirements of each patient.

Gait analysis

To further understand the patient’s biomechanics and gait pattern, a gait analysis may be performed. This involves observing the patient’s walking or running on a treadmill while specialized cameras analyze their movements. Gait analysis provides valuable insights into any abnormalities or imbalances that may be contributing to foot pain or discomfort.

Foot measurement and cast creation

Once the podiatrist has gathered all necessary information, precise measurements of the patient’s feet will be taken. This may involve using a computerized foot scanner or manually measuring the feet. In some cases, a cast or impression of the feet may be created to ensure the custom orthotics fit accurately.

Selection of materials and features

Based on the individual needs and condition of the patient, the podiatrist will select the appropriate materials and features for the custom orthotics. This may include choosing the level of rigidity or flexibility, selecting cushioning materials, and incorporating any additional modifications specific to the patient’s needs.

Fitting and adjustments

Once the custom orthotics have been manufactured, the patient will return to LMD Podiatry for the fitting and adjustments. The podiatrist will ensure that the orthotics fit correctly and make any necessary modifications to optimize their effectiveness and comfort. This may involve adding or removing padding, adjusting arch support, or fine-tuning the fit to achieve the desired outcomes.

Cost and Insurance Coverage

Cost of custom orthotics

The cost of custom orthotics can vary depending on various factors, including the materials used, the complexity of the design, and any additional features or modifications required. During the initial consultation, the podiatrist at LMD Podiatry will provide a detailed cost estimate based on the specific needs of the patient.

Insurance coverage and reimbursement options

In many cases, insurance policies may provide coverage for custom orthotics. It is advisable to check with the insurance provider to understand the terms and conditions of coverage. LMD Podiatry is committed to assisting patients with insurance-related matters and can help navigate the reimbursement process, ensuring that eligible patients receive the benefits they are entitled to.

Caring for Custom Orthotics

Cleaning and maintenance tips

To ensure the longevity and effectiveness of custom orthotics, proper cleaning and maintenance are essential. It is recommended to regularly clean the orthotics using mild soap and water, avoiding harsh chemicals or abrasive materials. In addition, allow the orthotics to air dry thoroughly before using them again.

Replacing worn out orthotics

Over time, custom orthotics may wear out and lose their effectiveness. It is important to monitor the condition of the orthotics and replace them when necessary. Signs that orthotics may need replacing include visible wear and tear, reduced comfort, or a return of foot pain or discomfort.

Follow-up appointments for adjustments

After receiving custom orthotics, it is common to schedule follow-up appointments with the podiatrist for adjustments or modifications. Over time, a patient’s needs or foot condition may change, and adjustments to the orthotics may be required to maintain their effectiveness. Regular follow-up appointments ensure that the orthotics continue to provide optimal support and comfort.

Common Misconceptions about Custom Orthotics

Custom orthotics are only for athletes

While custom orthotics are commonly associated with athletes, they are beneficial for individuals from all walks of life. Custom orthotics can address a wide range of foot conditions and biomechanical issues, providing support, stability, and pain relief for anyone in need, regardless of their level of physical activity.

Custom orthotics are uncomfortable

Another common misconception is that custom orthotics are uncomfortable to wear. However, with the advancements in design and technology, custom orthotics are now more comfortable than ever. The customization process ensures that the orthotics fit properly and are tailored to the individual’s unique foot shape and needs.

Over-the-counter orthotics are just as effective

While over-the-counter orthotics may provide temporary relief for some individuals, they cannot match the level of support and customization provided by custom orthotics. Over-the-counter orthotics are mass-produced and designed to fit a general foot shape, whereas custom orthotics are designed specifically for the individual, taking into account their unique foot structure and needs.

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Patient Testimonials

Real-life experiences and success stories

Many patients have experienced the benefits of custom orthotics and have shared their success stories. Individuals have reported significant pain relief, improved mobility, and enhanced quality of life after using custom orthotics prescribed by LMD Podiatry. These testimonials serve as a testament to the effectiveness and value of custom orthotics in promoting foot health and well-being.


In conclusion, custom orthotics play a vital role in improving foot health, alleviating pain, and enhancing overall well-being. With their ability to provide individualized support and correction, custom orthotics are essential for addressing foot conditions, improving foot and ankle alignment, enhancing sports performance, and preventing future foot problems. By choosing LMD Podiatry for custom orthotics in Wellington, patients can benefit from the expertise of Dr. Lauren Dabakaroff, state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and technology, and a commitment to personalized care. Don’t hesitate to seek professional advice and experience the life-changing benefits of custom orthotics.

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At University Foot and Ankle Center, the philosophy is simple. We will provide a friendly, warm, “cutting edge,” “state of the art, ” office for our patients. Dr. Lauren Dabakaroff uses the latest techniques available, and methods to relieve foot, ankle or knee pain without surgery. We provide all testing and diagnostics in our office. Same day appointments are available.


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