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If you are seeking cutting-edge solutions for foot and ankle conditions, look no further than LMD Podiatry. Under the guidance of board-certified Dr. Lauren Dabakaroff, our clinic offers advanced care to address a wide range of foot ailments. With training from the esteemed Mount Sinai, Dr. Dabakaroff provides both surgical and non-surgical treatments, catering to conditions such as pediatric and diabetic care, Achilles Tendonitis, and bunions. Our state-of-the-art diagnostics ensure accurate and timely assessments, with the convenience of same-day appointments. At LMD Podiatry, we prioritize your foot health in a warm and welcoming environment. Contact us today at 954-680-7133 to schedule a consultation for stem cell injections in Surfside.

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What are stem cell injections?

Stem cell injections are a form of regenerative medicine that utilizes the therapeutic potential of stem cells. Stem cells are unique cells in the body that have the ability to differentiate into various types of cells and tissues. These injections involve harvesting and re-injecting stem cells into specific areas of the body to promote healing and tissue regeneration.

Benefits of stem cell injections

Stem cell injections offer numerous benefits for individuals seeking advanced and effective treatments. Some of the key benefits include:

  1. Reduced pain and inflammation: Stem cell injections have the potential to alleviate pain and reduce inflammation in the treated area, providing much-needed relief for individuals with chronic conditions or injuries.

  2. Faster healing and tissue regeneration: Stem cells have the remarkable ability to promote the growth of new tissues and accelerate the natural healing process. This can lead to faster recovery times and improved overall outcomes.

  3. Minimally invasive procedure: Unlike many surgical interventions, stem cell injections are minimally invasive, involving only a small incision or needle puncture. This means less trauma to the body, reduced scarring, and quicker recovery compared to traditional surgeries.

  4. Natural and autologous treatment option: Stem cell injections utilize the patient’s own cells, which reduces the risk of rejection or adverse reactions. This natural and autologous approach increases the likelihood of successful treatment outcomes.

Now that we have explored the benefits of stem cell injections, let’s take a closer look at LMD Podiatry, a trusted provider of advanced foot and ankle care in Surfside.

LMD Podiatry

Overview of LMD Podiatry

LMD Podiatry is a leading podiatry clinic in Surfside, dedicated to providing comprehensive foot and ankle care services. Under the guidance of Dr. Lauren Dabakaroff, a highly skilled and experienced board-certified podiatrist, the clinic offers cutting-edge treatments and personalized care to patients of all ages.

Expertise of Dr. Lauren Dabakaroff

Dr. Lauren Dabakaroff is a podiatrist with extensive training and expertise in foot and ankle care. With her background in Mount Sinai training, she brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to the field. Dr. Dabakaroff is committed to staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in podiatric medicine, including the use of stem cell injections for regenerative procedures.

Foot and ankle care services

At LMD Podiatry, a wide range of foot and ankle conditions are treated with a comprehensive and patient-centered approach. Whether dealing with pediatric foot and ankle conditions, diabetic foot care, Achilles Tendonitis, or bunions, the clinic offers tailored treatment plans to address the unique needs of each individual.

State-of-the-art diagnostics

LMD Podiatry places a strong emphasis on accurate diagnosis and utilizes state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and technologies. These advanced diagnostics ensure that patients receive precise and targeted treatments based on their specific condition and individual circumstances.

Same-day appointments

The clinic understands the urgency of certain foot and ankle conditions and strives to accommodate patients quickly. LMD Podiatry is proud to offer same-day appointments, ensuring that individuals receive timely care and attention when they need it most.

Focus on foot health

Above all, LMD Podiatry is dedicated to promoting and maintaining the health of their patients’ feet. The clinic emphasizes preventative care, education, and personalized treatment plans to optimize foot health and well-being. This commitment to comprehensive foot care sets LMD Podiatry apart as a trusted and reliable provider in the Surfside community.

Now that we have familiarized ourselves with LMD Podiatry, let’s delve deeper into the understanding of stem cell injections and their role in regenerative medicine.

Conditions Treated

Pediatric foot and ankle conditions

LMD Podiatry specializes in the treatment of pediatric foot and ankle conditions. These conditions may include flat feet, ingrown toenails, bone deformities, or gait abnormalities. The clinic provides expert care for young patients, ensuring that their feet develop properly and addressing any potential issues early on.

Diabetic foot care

Diabetic foot care is of utmost importance for individuals living with diabetes. LMD Podiatry offers comprehensive care for diabetic patients, including preventive measures, routine examinations, wound care, and education on proper foot hygiene and care. Stem cell injections can be a valuable treatment option for diabetic foot ulcers and non-healing wounds, aiding in the healing process and reducing the risk of complications.

Achilles Tendonitis treatment

Achilles Tendonitis is a common condition that causes pain, inflammation, and limited mobility in the Achilles tendon. LMD Podiatry offers effective treatment options for this condition, including stem cell injections. By injecting stem cells directly into the affected area, the clinic can facilitate tissue repair and alleviate symptoms, leading to a faster and more successful recovery.

Bunion treatment

Bunions are painful deformities that commonly affect the joint at the base of the big toe. LMD Podiatry provides comprehensive bunion treatment, tailored to the individual needs of each patient. Stem cell injections can be utilized as part of the treatment plan to reduce inflammation, alleviate pain, and potentially slow down the progression of the deformity.

Having explored the range of conditions treated at LMD Podiatry, let’s dive deeper into the science and benefits of stem cell injections.

Understanding Stem Cell Injections

Explanation of stem cells

Stem cells are undifferentiated cells that have the potential to develop into various specialized cell types. They can be found throughout the body, stored in various tissues such as bone marrow, adipose tissue, and umbilical cord blood. These cells play a crucial role in the natural healing process by replenishing damaged or aged cells and promoting tissue repair.

How stem cell injections work

Stem cell injections harness the regenerative potential of stem cells by delivering them directly to the affected area. The procedure begins with the collection of stem cells from the patient’s own body, typically from bone marrow or adipose tissue. Once harvested, the stem cells are prepared and concentrated before being injected back into the specific area requiring treatment.

Use of stem cells in regenerative medicine

Stem cells have revolutionized the field of regenerative medicine, offering promising solutions for a wide range of conditions. By delivering concentrated stem cells to the site of injury or degeneration, the body’s natural healing mechanisms are enhanced, promoting tissue regeneration and repair. Stem cells have shown great potential in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders, wound healing, and other degenerative conditions.

Surfside as a hub for stem cell therapy

Surfside has emerged as a hub for stem cell therapy, attracting patients seeking innovative and effective treatments. LMD Podiatry plays an instrumental role in providing stem cell injections within the Surfside community. Dr. Lauren Dabakaroff and her team stay at the forefront of stem cell research to ensure patients have access to the latest advancements in regenerative medicine.

Now that we have established a solid understanding of stem cell injections, let’s explore the specific benefits they offer.

Stem Cell Injections in Surfside

Benefits of Stem Cell Injections

Reduced pain and inflammation

One of the primary benefits of stem cell injections is the potential for reduced pain and inflammation. Stem cells have been shown to possess anti-inflammatory properties and can modulate the immune response. By reducing inflammation in the affected area, patients often experience significant pain relief, allowing for improved function and overall quality of life.

Faster healing and tissue regeneration

Stem cell injections have the remarkable ability to accelerate the healing process and promote tissue regeneration. By introducing a concentrated dose of stem cells into the injured or degenerated area, the body’s natural healing mechanisms are bolstered, leading to faster healing times and improved tissue quality. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals with chronic wounds, non-healing fractures, or degenerative joint conditions.

Minimally invasive procedure

Unlike traditional surgical interventions, stem cell injections are minimally invasive procedures that involve only small incisions or needle punctures. This means less trauma to the body, reduced scarring, and a quicker recovery compared to more invasive procedures. For individuals seeking effective treatment options with minimal downtime, stem cell injections offer a compelling solution.

Natural and autologous treatment option

Stem cell injections utilize the patient’s own cells, making it a natural and autologous treatment option. This significantly reduces the risk of rejection or adverse reactions. By using the patient’s own stem cells, the likelihood of successful treatment outcomes is increased, as the cells are already familiar to the body and less likely to be perceived as foreign.

Now that we have explored the benefits of stem cell injections, let’s dive into the procedure itself.


Preparation for stem cell injections

Prior to the procedure, patients will undergo a comprehensive evaluation to assess their suitability for stem cell injections. This evaluation will include a thorough medical history review, physical examination, and any necessary diagnostic tests. Once deemed suitable, the patient’s stem cells will be collected through a minimally invasive procedure, typically from the bone marrow or adipose tissue.

Administering stem cell injections

Once the stem cells have been harvested and prepared, they are injected directly into the target area. The injections can be performed under local anesthesia to minimize any discomfort. The exact technique and the number of injections will vary depending on the specific condition being treated and the individual patient’s needs.

Recovery and aftercare

Following the stem cell injections, patients will be provided with specific aftercare instructions to promote optimal healing and recovery. This may include recommendations for rest, physical therapy, or other complementary treatments. It is important to follow these instructions closely to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Follow-up appointments

Regular follow-up appointments are an essential part of the stem cell injection process. These appointments allow the healthcare provider to monitor the patient’s progress, evaluate the treatment outcomes, and make any necessary adjustments to the post-treatment plan. Close collaboration between the patient and the healthcare team is key to achieving the best possible results.

Now that we have covered the procedure, let’s explore some success stories and testimonials from patients who have undergone stem cell injections at LMD Podiatry.

Success Stories

Patient testimonials

At LMD Podiatry, numerous patients have experienced positive outcomes and results following stem cell injections. Here are a few testimonials from satisfied patients:

  • “I suffered from chronic Achilles Tendonitis for years, and nothing seemed to provide long-term relief. After undergoing stem cell injections at LMD Podiatry, my pain has significantly decreased, and I am now able to engage in physical activities that were once impossible for me.”

  • “As a diabetic, I struggled with non-healing foot ulcers. Traditional treatments were ineffective, and amputation was a real concern. I am grateful that I discovered stem cell injections at LMD Podiatry. Not only did my wounds finally heal, but I gained hope and confidence in managing my condition.”

Positive outcomes and results

The success stories at LMD Podiatry extend beyond patient testimonials. Dr. Lauren Dabakaroff and her team have witnessed numerous positive outcomes and results in patients who have undergone stem cell injections. These outcomes include reduced pain, faster healing, improved function, and enhanced overall quality of life. The clinic takes great pride in the transformative impact that stem cell injections can have on patient well-being.

While stem cell injections offer significant benefits, it is important to consider the potential risks and complications associated with the procedure.

Risks and Considerations

Potential risks and complications

While stem cell injections are generally considered safe, there are potential risks and complications that patients should be aware of. These may include infection, bleeding, allergic reactions, or the possibility of an undesired immune response. However, with proper patient selection, professional expertise, and adherence to strict safety protocols, the risk of complications can be minimized.

Cautions for certain patient groups

Certain patient groups may require caution when considering stem cell injections. For example, individuals with active infections, bleeding disorders, or compromised immune systems may not be suitable candidates for the procedure. Additionally, pregnant or breastfeeding individuals should consult with their healthcare provider before undergoing stem cell therapy.

Realistic expectations

It is important to have realistic expectations when considering stem cell injections. While they offer great potential for healing and tissue regeneration, they may not be a cure-all solution for every condition. The outcomes of stem cell injections can vary depending on the specific condition being treated, the individual patient’s circumstances, and other factors. Open communication and a thorough understanding of the procedure are essential in setting realistic expectations for the treatment.

Now that we have addressed the risks and considerations, let’s discuss the cost and insurance coverage associated with stem cell injections.

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Cost and Insurance Coverage

Estimating the cost of stem cell injections

The cost of stem cell injections can vary depending on several factors, including the specific condition being treated, the extent of treatment required, and the location of the procedure. It is recommended to consult directly with LMD Podiatry for a comprehensive cost estimate tailored to individual needs.

Insurance coverage and reimbursement

Insurance coverage for stem cell injections can vary depending on the insurance provider and the specific policy. While some insurance plans may provide coverage for certain conditions or circumstances, it is advisable to check with the insurance provider to determine the extent of coverage or potential reimbursement. LMD Podiatry’s knowledgeable staff can assist in navigating insurance-related inquiries and providing the necessary documentation for reimbursement purposes.


In conclusion, stem cell injections offer numerous benefits for individuals seeking advanced and effective treatments for a variety of foot and ankle conditions. LMD Podiatry, led by the expert care of Dr. Lauren Dabakaroff, provides state-of-the-art foot and ankle care services and is a trusted provider of stem cell injections in the Surfside community.

Stem cell injections have the potential to reduce pain and inflammation, promote faster healing and tissue regeneration, and offer a minimally invasive and natural treatment option. The procedure, when performed by experienced professionals, can lead to transformative outcomes and improved quality of life for patients.

While stem cell injections are generally safe and effective, it is important to consider the potential risks, cautions for certain patient groups, and set realistic expectations. The cost and insurance coverage will vary depending on individual circumstances, and it is advisable to consult directly with LMD Podiatry for personalized information.

Consider LMD Podiatry for your foot and ankle care needs in Surfside. With their expertise and dedication to patient-centered care, you can trust in their commitment to promoting and maintaining your foot health. Contact LMD Podiatry today at 954-680-7133 to schedule a consultation and explore the potential benefits of stem cell injections for your specific condition.

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Dr. Lauren Dabakaroff

Board certified in Podiatric Medicine and Surgery, Dr. Dabakaroff completed her training in Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. Dr. Dabakaroff has been published in textbooks and has done research for various foot conditions. Dr. Dabakaroff brings with her new methods, both surgical and non-surgical, for treating multiple foot and ankle ailments.

At University Foot and Ankle Center, the philosophy is simple. We will provide a friendly, warm, “cutting edge,” “state of the art, ” office for our patients. Dr. Lauren Dabakaroff uses the latest techniques available, and methods to relieve foot, ankle or knee pain without surgery. We provide all testing and diagnostics in our office. Same day appointments are available.


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